blocz and Bond180 to deliver privacy at the edge for the City of Las Vegas

blocz and Bond180 to deliver privacy at the edge for the City of Las Vegas
Las Vegas - where blocz and Bond180 deliver data privacy

blocz and Bond180 have teamed up to create privacy for the decentralised edge. As a founding member of the Open Grid Alliance (“OGA”), blocz is focused on the OGA’s partnership with the City of Las Vegas. Bond180 are launching EnCloud to deliver privacy-first cloud services at the right price. Together, blocz and EnCloud will deliver privacy assured and ground-breaking edge services to the city and its local businesses. Ultimately, blocz and EnCloud aim to become the standard for secure private storage and computation at the edge for the next generation of the internet.

As the OGA says in its mission statement:

“The Open Grid is the inevitable evolution of the internet. Our legacy internet … will no longer provide for our needs; we must redesign our systems starting at the edge, augmenting today’s internet with new architectures that enable the rapid deployment of workloads and services to the right locations, for the right reasons, ensuring appropriate levels of latency, security, and resilience — and delivered at the right price”.

Put simply, the OGA will put computers where they are needed, led by their practical use. A truly distributed network to deliver a better future at an affordable cost.

The project in Las Vegas will leverage decentralised storage and compute, low latency 5G and fibre connectivity, to deliver resilient services to The City of Las Vegas, local businesses, and residents at a fraction of the cost of current alternatives. The collaboration will not only attract new businesses to Las Vegas, but allow existing businesses to thrive, creating jobs and diversifying the local economy, while also developing capabilities that serve disadvantaged and at-risk populations affected by the digital divide. Read more here.

With support from partner Protocol Labs, blocz is focused on delivering Web3 decentralised storage, compute, and CDN. EnCloud is focused on developing privacy solutions for these functions working on a series of grants from the Filecoin Foundation, providing a value-add service offering to cloud storage providers ensuring greater security and functionality for confidential data.

blocz CEO Lee Norval said “with this transformative initiative the OGA will transform the City of Las Vegas into a next generation smart city, generating enormous commercial benefit for businesses in the area. blocz are ideally placed to accelerate adoption through cost-effective cloud storage and compute. With Encloud’s privacy software, a major barrier to adoption of our technology will be removed and the OGA’s vision will be accelerated”

Bond180 CEO Phil Holbrook said “we are excited to be working on this project. It will show the abundant potential of cost-effective and secure edge at scale. We believe that distributed computing is the future and the key to giving consumers a cost-effective choice for their data storage and the deployment of their data.”

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