Open Grid Alliance Unleashes Monetization Platform in Las Vegas

Open Grid Alliance Unleashes Monetization Platform in Las Vegas

As founding members of the OGA, blocz is proud to announce go-live of the First Grid Innovation Zone.

As part of this initiative blocz will be delivering decentralised storage, compute, and CDN services in Las Vegas. With further expansion across the US and into the UK and EU, the economic and social impact will have a profound effect on local communities, removing barriers and closing the digital divide.

Las Vegas, Nevada — 9/14/22 — The Open Grid Alliance (OGA) today announced it has selected Las Vegas, Nevada as its first official Grid Innovation Zone. A Grid Innovation Zone is a multi-vendor production-grade implementation of an Open Grid, and a market-driven platform for incubating next-generation services. With today’s announcement, OGA member companies are showcasing a high-performance Open Grid architecture with edge computing and 5G CBRS.

Last year, OGA member companies began deploying infrastructure and software in the city of Las Vegas metropolitan area to accelerate the commercialization of true edge and near-premises applications that would be impossible to deliver with legacy infrastructure. In an economic study published by the OGA, the organization identifies a near-term Total Addressable Market (TAM). It’s predicted that the Open Grid will contribute as much as $115.8 billion in total economic impact to the region over the next 10 years.

“At its core, the Grid is a delivery platform for new services. The launch of the Grid Innovation Zone will transform the economics of in-demand applications, such as video analytics, business continuity, and 5G wireless connectivity,” said Matt Trifiro, Co-Chair of the Market Development Workstream at the Open Grid Alliance. “We’re thrilled to bring together an ecosystem of critical leaders to innovate around the first Open Grid technologies and prove out the monetization capabilities of 5G CBRS and edge computing.”

The Las Vegas Open Grid Innovation Zone currently consists of a municipality-wide fibre mesh network, a collection of optimally-placed micro-modular data centres, 5G radios, along with multi-vendor software services for multi-cloud orchestration, SDN, telemetry and interconnection. Open Grid Alliance members are actively delivering services and working to expand the Open Grid footprint with additional sites and fibre routes in the City of Las Vegas and surrounding Clark County. Today, the footprint provides low-latency Open Grid services to important areas in the City of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas strip, McCarran airport, and high-density industrial, entertainment and public-services areas.

Today, the OGA also published a comprehensive market analysis for the Las Vegas Grid Innovation Zone. The report, Monetizing the Open Grid in Las Vegas, can be downloaded for free.

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